Why Dyno?

Our chassis Dyno tuning tool provides us with state-of-the-art tuning capabilities.

Bring in your car and we will show you how much horsepower and torque you really have~! Any automobile can be tested.

Dynamic testing capability allows for a realistic simulation of street or track conditions, highlighting mechanical problems graphically as they would occur, eliminating unnecessary engine and power train wear in actual road testing.

Unlike other dynos which simply measure horsepower, our dynamic testing and graphing capability highlight problems in an easy to interpret manner.

Electrical, fuel, clutch or converter slippage and drive train problems are determined quickly. All tests are stored for future comparison and analysis. Automatic measurement of the barometric pressure and ambient temperature together with humidity measurement ensures repeatability between tests.

Our in ground unit allows quick, safe vehicle mounting for front, rear, or all wheel drive cars for setup and testing.